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with your partner in china

Dock Dragon is the most trusted Amazon FBA sourcing agent with a local office in China. We have years of experience in working with the Amazon sellers and are aware of how the world’s biggest online marketplace operates. Our sourcing agents are based at China, speak the same language as the suppliers that make them a perfect fit to find quality products at great prices and with good profit margins.


no headaches - fully managed sourcing service

White Label Sourcing for Amazon Sellers

Source Products for Your Amazon Private Label Business and Master the Product Launch. Find the product you want to sell and we will find out who makes it in China.

Sample Inspection and Consolidation

Test Samples in China. Consolidate Samples from Various Suppliers. Reduce carrier cost by packing different products in 1 Box and Send Them to You.


Work With Our Specialized Team of Amazon Photographers To Get Images For Amazon Listings. Capture Buyers Attention and Increase Sales.

Graphic Design and Packaging Services

Visually explain your product features to potential buyers through Package Design, Product Inserts, Infographics and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Prepare your Product for Amazon FBA

Streamline Your Preparation for Amazon. Let Our Team properly Prepare, Label, pack your stock to meet amazon guidelines, Stay in compliance with Amazon’s rules.

for FBA

Fear of FBA Account Suspension due to late shipment? Use our trusted freight forwarders to have your products always in stock. Get all-in-one rates.


for your amazon fba business shouldn’t be a nightmare

  • 1

    Getting the wrong products?

    As An Amazon Seller, you cannot afford bad reviews for defective products.

  • 2

    How can you be sure you’re choosing the right supplier and at the right price?

    With millions of Chinese factories to choose, you may be missing a better supplier or worse, losing money without knowing it.

  • 3

    Can you really wait 4 weeks to complete your sourcing order?

    You need to adapt right away to market demands to stay competitive. Can you really afford to wait weeks to complete an order?


your amazon business,shopify and ebay

Start Your Sourcing in 24 hrs - Learn How


with amazon sellers success

White Label Sourcing for Amazon Seller Business

Where can you find the right suppliers for your Amazon white label business? You can relax.

Our decades of experience with China suppliers allows us to find and negotiate for you the right supplier at the right price, with a complete end-to-end service, from sourcing to shipping.

Start sourcing with your partner in China

Sample Inspection and Consolidation

Save costs and time by having your samples from multiple suppliers delivered to our warehouse. We check the quality, consolidate them into a single shipping and send them to you… Learn More

Amazon Product Photography

Your products image in your Amazon listing is key to attract your customers. But good product photography is expensive.

Our decades of experience with China suppliers allows us to find and negotiate for you the right supplier at the right price, with a complete end-to-end service, from sourcing to shipping.

Our photographers, experts in Amazon listings, will take the product photos while your order is at our offices.

Labeling, Branding, Design and Packaging Services

We ensure your product leaves China with your brand label, and your desired packaging. Our labeling service ensures your FNSKU and FBA box labels are in place. Send us your PDF with the labels you create in your Amazon seller account and we take care of the rest.

A well designed brand logo and packaging adds value to your product. We design and repack your order from China with your white label branded material.

Prepare your Product for Amazon FBA, (and for Shopify and eBay)

We prepare your white label Amazon order and deliver to the Amazon store according to FBA requirements.

Door-to-Door Shipping

From warehousing and storage to door-to-door delivering. We consolidate your order and forward them to you in a single shipping.

Our multiple agents across China, with decades of experience in transformation, ensure you’ll get the best price and terms for your order delivery.

By air or by sea, we deliver your Amazon FBA shipment to your door. Currently available in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan and Australia.


  • 1. Only the highest quality samples.
  • 2. Get your sourcing complete in 4 days.
  • 3. Save time and money (up to 70% in shipping costs) with end-to-end service.


asked questions

Absolutely. This is what we do. We are your one-stop-shop sourcing and shipping solution. Regardless of where your product is, we ship it for you to any FBA location across Europe, America, and Asia.
Yes, you can do it, but then: You won’t be able to filter out the low-quality samples. How would you know which suppliers to trust? There are millions of factories in China. How do you know if their Alibaba profile is trustable? Here at Dock Dragon, our mission is to save you time and money (and headaches) by providing you with the best quality products at the best price from strictly vetted factories.
Every sample that is not fit to standard or according to your needs costs you time and money. You need to search again, reship and start the process over with another supplier. Getting a pre-inspection ensures that you will only get the samples that meet your standards and requirements, so when you order, you’re sure what you’re getting.
: Many suppliers maintain a quality standard through production. However, mistakes happen and one batch can be of a different quality than the next. The only way to ensure consistent quality is to inspect the products at the time of production and before shipping.
We are the only company based in China that provides end-to-end sourcing and shipping specialized in Amazon and online sellers. We are experts in FBA requirements with [hundreds? Thousands? ] of shipments under our belt.
We’ve been shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010


in china and get your first 5 samples checked for free

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