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from china and didn’t know where to ask.

DockDragon is a global sourcing solution company. We provide resources to help Amazon sellers succeed in an ever-growing competitive market, including China suppliers, FBA listing services, and more.

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Absolutely. This is what we do. We are your one-stop-shop sourcing and shipping solution. Regardless of where your product is, we ship it for you to any FBA location across Europe, America, and Asia.
Yes, you can do it, but then: You won’t be able to filter out the low-quality samples. How would you know which suppliers to trust? There are millions of factories in China. How do you know if their Alibaba profile is trustable? Here at Dock Dragon, our mission is to save you time and money (and headaches) by providing you with the best quality products at the best price from strictly vetted factories.
Every sample that is not fit to standard or according to your needs costs you time and money. You need to search again, reship and start the process over with another supplier. Getting a pre-inspection ensures that you will only get the samples that meet your standards and requirements, so when you order, you’re sure what you’re getting.
Many suppliers maintain a quality standard through production. However, mistakes happen and one batch can be of a different quality than the next. The only way to ensure consistent quality is to inspect the products at the time of production and before shipping.
We are the only company based in China that provides end-to-end sourcing and shipping specialized in Amazon and online sellers. We are experts in FBA requirements with hundreds of shipments under our belt.
We’ve been shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010
We are in touch with your supplier to receive your samples as soon as we get your sample dispatch request. We make sure your package arrives safely at our office. If you use the automatically generated email from your form, you allow your supplier to update shipping information in our system when he dispatches your sample. This helps to keep everybody in the loop along the sample shipping process.
We recommend limiting the sample storage to a maximum of 30 samples at a time. We hold the samples for up to 60 days on dock. These requirements allow us to take care of almost all our cases. You can always contact us if you need extra time or larger quantities.
No, Dock Dragon doesn’t charge any additional service charges for paying the samples through us. Keep in mind you’ll still need to pay Paypal fees with any currency conversion charges if you send the payment in any other currency than Chinese RMB.
Yes. Our standard package includes 2 pictures and a video of the samples upon receiving them when adding the option in the sample collection request. If you request quality comparisons, then 5-6 pictures are required to give you a complete understanding of the quality of the samples. You can always add a request for detailed pictures when ordering the sample collection request without additional charges.
You can pay directly to your supplier. However, this often involves a $25 wire transfer charge since many suppliers in China don’t accept Paypal – but we do!. You pay us with your Paypal account and we pay your supplier locally on your behalf for the samples and shipping.
No, not necessary. We can palletize your cargo based on Amazon requirements in our origin warehouse or at the destination warehouse.
As soon as you fill the form with details we start sourcing on your behalf no later than 24 hours.
Yes, we offer such services. We have our warehouse in Shenzhen, where we can provide prep services as per request.
We handle air shipments from the nearest airport but we need to get the cargo to our Guangzhou warehouse first for international shipping. FBA prep service is only available from our Guangzhou warehouse.
Yes, we do this at our warehouse in Guangzhou. Our team of experts ensure your cargo will meet the strictest FBA requirements.
Yes, we offer product photography as part of our package. It can be standard samples