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find a supplier in china fast?

DockDragon is the leading service for sourcing and managing suppliers in China. We take care of everything from finding the right supplier, to vetting them, to shipping your items back home.


solution for fast sourcing from china

You’re in search of the best products, but where do you start? Can you really wait 6 weeks for your order to be processed? The answer is DockDragon. With our extensive network and knowledge of China, we can find any product you need in 24 hrs and complete your order in 4 days! . We use our expertise and experience to save you time and money, so that your business can focus on what matters most: growing.

As a white-label seller on Amazon, you’ll need to locate and vet suppliers that can produce your products profitably. DockDragon offers expert advice to help you find the right suppliers for your business.
There is no need to pay a premium for quality samples or losing money by reshipping bad-quality ones. DockDragon will inspect every sample and get you only the best samples at the best price. Simply put your details in and we’ll find you a Chinese supplier who can produce what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

We take care of all your FBA prep and shipping needs so you can focus on what really matters, moving product!

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